installing crown molding in the kitchen

Yes, you are seeing this right….this is an UPDATE on our kitchen project.  We are still standing firm with the “it’s functional” response when asked where the kitchen project stands, but we are finally getting back into the swing of things to get the “finishing touch” projects done.  That includes installing crown molding above our kitchen cabinets.

Installing Crown Molding in Kitchen - West Street Story

We knew going into the project we were going to add this.  It made it a lot easier in the fact that we didn’t have to replace the plaster when we tore down the ceiling AND we knew we wanted to tie in this molding throughout the house {eventually we would like this molding installed in pretty much every room}.  We have already installed it in the guest bedroom when we refinished that room.


{the crown molding installed in the guest bedroom}


{after tearing out the ceiling, we were left with a gap between where the plaster and new ceiling met and the crown molding solved this problem}


We had also planned the crown molding along the tops of the cabinets as we wanted the look where the cabinets met the ceiling.  It also allowed us to have the cabinets be down a bit further because the molding would close this gap {as we didn’t have to have the cabinets literally touching the ceiling}.  To be able to attach the molding, Graham did add a strip of wood along the tops of the cabinets to give him something to nail the molding to appropriately.


The only thing left with the crown molding installation is some touch up paint where the nails are and to fill it a few small gaps {luckily enough our molding is white, so simple white caulk does the trick for any seams and gaps}.

Here is where I am going to get all nostalgic and take a trip down memory lane.



What do you think so far?

Graham and I did work on painting cabinet doors and finishing/touching up the paint on the cabinets this past weekend.  So maybe soon enough I will have an update post that shows the completed cabinets, the backsplash tile, the hardware, etc, etc

{or, maybe the next owners will be kind enough to send us the pictures once they complete this project….sigh}

This weekend, however, will NOT be a project weekend.  We are off for a fun-filled, jam-packed couple of days.  Our god-daughter is turning two, so I will be celebrating at her Minnie Mouse party and Graham will be having a “boys only” weekend while he throws his brother a bachelor party.  Hopefully we can recuperate enough on the drive back Sunday to have enough steam to make it through the week!


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