Making Freezer Meals for Two

As I write this post, I can hear the (not so quiet) pop of the nail gun installing our living area hardwood flooring. In preparation for this installation, along with tiling the kitchen area (we will have an open-concept first floor), we had to consolidate what we needed as a “kitchen” onto a small table in the corner, out of the way. Previous to this, the “kitchen” we had was on a larger table where I actually had space to mix and chop things. Not the case anymore. Only the bare necessities. In preparation for this bare necessities situation, I spent an afternoon making freezer meals for two that Graham and I could just pop into the toaster oven for dinner. With these freezer meals in place, I am hoping to avoid any extensive cooking until our new kitchen is done and I have actual appliances to work with.

Making Freezer Meals for Two

The freezer meal of choice in our household is what we call “Cassie’s Tots” – our friend Cassie made these chili tots as freezer meals for us after Laughton passed away and we have loved them ever since! We’ve adjusted Cassie’s recipe a bit (sorry, Cass, our household is an olive-free zone) – let me know in the comments below if you would like the recipe. UPDATE 9/15/18 – You can now find the chili tots freezer meal recipe in this blog post.

In making freezer meals for two, knowing I would only have a toaster oven to bake with, I had to take into consideration a couple of things:

Consideration #1. The pan needed to fit into our toaster oven. We purchased this toaster oven just for while we build the kitchen in our forever home. This particular toaster oven is wonderful and can bake anything an oven would, as long as the pan fits. Apparently it can also make rotisserie chicken, but we haven’t ventured into that arena with it.

Consideration #2. We are washing dishes in a small bathroom sink, so I wanted clean up from dinner to be pretty fuss-free.

Keeping these things in mind, I wanted to share what has become the best discovery in making freezer meals for two.

My New Favorite Tool While Making Freezer Meals for Two is:

Freezer Foil Pan Containers with Board Lids
These foil pans with board lids are AMAZINGLY perfect in size, shape, ease of use, and clean-up. I found a couple at a random Dollar Tree (while in a different part of the state), but they are not available at my local Dollar Tree, so I sought out an option on Amazon (I’m an avid Amazon Prime user).

Not only are they the perfect size for our toaster oven, they provide a meal that is just the right amount for the two of us (plus a lunch for Graham to take to work the next day). We are using the 2-1/4-Pound pan size, but there is also a 1-Pound option and a 5-Pound option.

With the board lids that come along with the pans, I can use a sharpie marker and write the directions right on top.

Making Freezer Meals for Two

One of my favorite parts is that the pan sides crimp around the lid to provide a seal. We haven’t had a single problem with freezer burn (something I was worried about with just using this crimped edge to seal the pan), so I can forgo the extra step of wrapping in foil.

An added bonus is that they stack so perfectly without taking up a bunch of space!

Making Freezer Meals for Two

As soon as I have a more “convenient” kitchen work space, I am thinking about whipping a few of these up for a couple of expectant parents. They would be perfect for new parents who just need a quick, hearty meal while getting used to parenthood. They would also be perfect for someone who lives alone, or maybe an elderly loved one that can no longer cook for themselves.

Tell me in the comments section – what is your favorite freezer meal option?


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Making Freezer Meals for Two

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  1. Oh, I love this!! Normal freezer meals are way too big for a meal for my hubs, myself, and our toddler or on weekdays, just myself and our toddler. This is perfect!

    • Jen says:

      We are loving the smaller size ourselves! Plus, I feel like I have more of a “stockpile” of freezer meals. When we use one, we aren’t eating the leftovers all week since the pan size is smaller with these, and I leave plenty of future meals in my freezer when I make a batch.

  2. […] post with the most views is Making Freezer Meals for Two from Life on the Hollow […]

  3. […] post with the most views is Making Freezer Meals for Two from Life on the Hollow […]

  4. […] post with the most views is Making Freezer Meals for Two from Life on the Hollow […]

  5. Molly Spradley says:

    Oh my. Pinterest directed me to your site because I was searching out meals (and recipes) for two (hubby and myself in our 50’s) and now, some time later I have wiped away many a tear and am praying for you and Graham who are complete strangers to me …in hopes that you will sooner-than-later be finally united with your baby-from-another-birth mom. You have been through so very much. My own daughter had no trouble getting pregnant but suffered from hyperemesis gravedum and is now contemplating another pregnancy which worries me for her sake. For many years, I thought that the most worthy and virtuous of gifts was that of a surrogate mother but after having my own two (mostly) successful pregnancies I know that what seems like a lovely gift to another couple would come at the very highest of costs. I’m thankful for the cooking information you have provided and would be very pleased to add you to my prayer list in hopes that your already-full life will one day soon be blessed with a little one to add to your married joy.

    • Jen says:

      Oh Molly, how sweet of you! We did actually welcome a son from a birth mother in December. We are just waiting to make it “blog official” with a post until after the adoption is finalized which we are hoping will happen very soon 🙂 But I appreciate the kind thoughts and prayers as we continue to try and grow our little family!

  6. […] post with the most views is Making Freezer Meals for Two from Life on the Hollow […]

  7. All I do says:

    […] post with the most views is Making Freezer Meals for Two from Life on the Hollow […]

  8. Megan Campo says:

    Do you have a page with recipes? That is what I am really looking for!

  9. These are some great ideas. The normal sized aluminum pans do not fit in my freezer since it’s a side-by-side. I end up freezing most things in Ziploc bags.

    My favorite thing to freeze is pulled pork. I cook a pork shoulder all day in the slow cooker coated with about half a bottle of BBQ sauce. Once it’s done I pull out all of the meat, pull out the bones and extra fat and shred it with a fork. I then mix in the remainder of the BBQ and let it cool and then refrigerate. Once it’s cold I portion it out into 3/4 lb quart sized Ziploc bags and lay flat in the freezer. When you want to eat the pulled pork just put it in the fridge 24 hours before.

    Both me and my husband work so about 80% of the time I opt for meals that do not need to be cooked once they are thawed out.

    We are also new parents (yay) so I’ll be following your blog. Keep posting mamma 🙂

  10. Debbie says:

    Am I missing something? Where are the recipes for this post? Thanks

    • Jen says:

      Hi Debbie – this post is meant to provide tips for those that are making freezer meals for two. Most notably is how I discovered the PERFECT sized freezer pans to put my meals in. Some of my favorite freezer meal recipes will be up on the blog soon, though.

  11. Jaime says:

    Could please send the chili tots recipe or post it?

  12. Jaime says:

    Could I please have the recipe?

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  14. Angela says:

    Thanks for posting the link to the pans! They are the perfect size for 2 or 3. I’ve been doing freezer cooking for close to 25 years but now the kids are leaving and it will be nice to make something where we don’t have to worry about leftover for a week.

  15. Cheryl Cribb says:

    I order these pans from the Dollar Tree and have them sent to my local store (free shipping).

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