Our Non-White Ceiling

The day that we installed the light fixtures was a very happy day for this girl. I have been searching for the perfect lighting for so long and there were just so many options to choose from! I never knew it would be such a tough decision. I was even debating the idea of installing some exhaust fans after a friend recommended I browse this site. I thought I might as well have it installed whilst the electrician is here and have it all done in one go. In the end, I just couldn’t decide what to do and just chose a light fitting. The electrician said I could install an exhaust fan in the other room if I wanted to so I felt better about not having it in this room. We can get them back in to do this (though a friend used safeandsoundelectric.com/riverside-ct/ to get theirs installed and had no complaints), but now, no more working by the light of a “Smart Electrician” spotlight. All that is left for the ceiling is the crown molding. Since we cannot install this until the cabinets are done, I have decided to officially call the ceiling “complete” and count installing crown molding as a part of the cabinets not being done.

If you remember in my color post, the plan for our ceiling was to have it be colored, rather than white. We chose to color it with Dutch Boy’s “Route 66″…a somewhat greyish, taupe-y color {did you get that?}.

When I last updated you on the ceiling, we had just finished installing the bead board and can lights.

170Watermark File Landscape

To finish the ceiling, it first had to be primed. Well, after we sorted the lights out. Getting an electrical inspection (like from kalahari-electrical.com/electrical-inspection/) is vital before doing these painting jobs to ensure you don’t have to tear it up again.

007Watermark File Landscape

023Watermark File Landscape

Then it had to be painted.

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Because of the grooves in the bead board, we had to use a brush. We tried a roller {with the biggest nap available} and it just didn’t work. So, painting took a bit longer than we would have liked, but it was definitely worth it! We managed to dodge around the lights with some tips heard from a friend after they had home-proelectric.com/on/guelph-electrician/ sort their lights out on their ceiling, and it worked beautifully.

Also, we chose a semi-gloss paint. Our thinking was that grease and other kitchen “goodies” would eventually find their way up to the ceiling. A semi-gloss paint is durable and SCRUBBALE. I do not plan to scrub the ceiling often {I am thinking MAYBE one time in the remaining time we live here}, but the look of the ceiling also plays well with the high-gloss finish of the cabinets.

026Watermark File Landscape

The final transformation process from the drop ceiling beginnings…

009Watermark File

044Watermark File

133Watermark File Portrait

…To the bead board beauty

032(2)Watermark File Landscape

{ Now imagine white crown molding above the cabinets…well, and finished cabinets! }

032 (2) Before and After Landscape

{ P.S. there is a good sneak peek of the wall color as well! }