the miracle of life

I am happy to report that Graham, and his goat herd, had a very good spring!  Even with us living 15 miles from where the goats are living, Graham was still able to time things right and be at the barn for the birth of one of the kids.

Coincidently, Graham and I had plans to head down to Madison that same morning, so I was there mere minutes after the baby girl was born {picking up Graham to head down to the capitol completely unaware of what had just happened} and therefore was able to catch a few special moments.

As I walked in, the baby stood for the first time and went to her momma for something to eat.



I snuck in very quietly and witnessed the momma giving affection and care to her new little one.


We checked in later in the day and although the little kid was only HOURS old, she was already be-boppin’ around {although still a bit wobbly}.

Graham had seven goats kid a total of eight babies this spring.  And let me tell you, the babies are ADORABLE!