• It was a self-leveling concrete at Menards. I checked and cannot find exactly which brand we bought, but it was the only option Menards carried at the time (so you wouldn’t have too many choices if you went looking for it!)

  1. MMM, pizza! Self-leveling concrete is a great way to fix your concrete woes. Another great option that is more long term could be mudjacking with foam. We can get into tight spaces without causing a mess and the foam won’t shrink or expand creating a long-term solution.

    • We’ve used both self levelling and foam and find it depends on the situation. Indoors the self levelling concrete can be a great solution as Jen pointed out, but for exterior situations if you have any type of freeze thaw cycle the self levelling solutions tend not to last and products like polyurethane foam are a much better long term solution as Jason pointed out!


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